Episode 05: Waffles & Why No One Likes Monopoly with Jasmine Davis & Pete Butler

Today we’re dining alfresco at Kaya with writers/game designers/improve stars Jasmine Davis and Pete Butler. We go into the process of designing the next great board game, the tech scene in Iowa, and the fascinating story of how Pete and Jasmine became a couple. Also: will Mary find anyone to play Monopoly with her?

Taped on location at Kaya in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Follow Mary on Twitter @maryestew.

Follow Jasmine on Twitter @athingforjaz, read her blog at http://www.jasmineadavis.com/.

Follow Pete on Twitter @BlairHippo, read his blog at http://blairhippo.com/.

Jasmine’s game, Cool Table, is currently competing at Tabletop Death Match .

Pete can be heard on the Escape Artists podcast network – Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and Podcastle.

Jasmine and Pete perform together at as a duo on Couple’s Therapy and on team Sheet Cake.

Jasmine can be seen with the teams High Scores and Flip Tilt and Pete with 8 Bit Classic at Arcade Comedy Theater.

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