Episode 43: Sketching out Brunch with The Big Deal

We’re back in Mary’s own kitchen with a home-cooked brunch with her partners in sketch comedy, James Jamison and Ben Korman of The Big Deal. We get into our biggest comedic influences and the process of writing, producing, and performing a sketch comedy. Also: the comedic undertones of the X-Files, the great Yam vs. Sweet Potato debate, and the traumatic grade school experiences that made us who we are today. As a bonus, Mary’s roommate, Andy, stops by to make this episode dirtier than necessary.

The Brightness Darkly will be performed at Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh on Friday, October 31 at 10:00. For more information visit our Facebook Events page. For tickets, click here.

Follow The Big Deal on Facebook, or check out our Vimeo page to watch our previous live show, A Christmas Carol in July.

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