Episode Launch!

We at Brunchburgh have been happily chugging along recording new episodes in brunch places, booking more guests, and planning for the future. We have been working through some of the realities of what it really means to record 100% mobile – loud doors, loud neighbors at tables, metal tables, wind, rain, you name it noise is really quite noisy! So we’ve been doing a lot of learning and I’m super proud of my team of dedicated brunch lovers for helping make this thing a reality.

With that I am super happy to announce we will be releasing the first episode Sunday September 8th at 11am- or as I like to call it brunch o’clock. Our first guest Karen Forney is an improviser with Steel City Improv and was a lot of fun to interview, we had brunch at Bar Marco who are just a bunch of great people serving great food, so I am really excited to release this episode, so check back in with us on Sunday!

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