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Episode 16: Bunkerburgh- Collaborative Art with Abbie Beddal & Jessie Rommelt

We return from winter break for a classic diner brunch with local artists Jessie Rommelt and Abbigael Beddal, co-founders of Bunker Projects. Together we talk about the highs and lows of crowdsourcing, the process of collaboration, and why their latest

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Episode 15: The Game of Life with Adam Nelson

Today we head down to Ritter’s Diner in Bloomfield to talk with kinetic game designer and entrepreneur Adam Nelson, founder of City of Play. Adam discusses his theories on game design and how it relates to everything from economics and

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Episode 13: Zombies, Robots, & Sriracha with Eric Singer

Today we travel to Bloomfield/Lawrenceville to Caffe Mona to chat with artist/technologist/instigator Eric Singer about the street art scene in Pittsburgh. We hit upon the hidden costs of urban art, why failure can spurn creativity, and what it takes to

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