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Episodes 45: The League of Extraordinary Women Brunchers with Devious Maid

We’re exited to kick off the new year by returning to Park Bruges with the team from Devious Maid Productions – Abby Lis-Perlis and returning guest Ayne Terceira. They give us the skinny on their new production, Eldritch’s Asylum, and their mission of

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Episode 44: Serial for Brunch with Ben Korman, Andrew Phillips and Alex Murphy.

We’re back for 2015 and kicking off our new year with a special discussion on all-things Serial. We’re joined by past guests Ben Korman and Andy Phillips, along with a special call-in appearance by co-producer Alex Murphy, to dig through our

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Episode 42: Stories from the City with AP Collector

We’re in Upper Lawrenceville trading stories with blogger and podcaster Genevieve Barbee, aka the AP Collector. She shares her journey into the world of story collection and why it’s important to at this point in Pittsburgh’s history. Also: breaking off

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Brunchburgh Bites with Cafe Con Leche

We’re thrilled to have back one of our favorite guests, Tara Sherry-Torres of Cafe Con Leche, for this special, bite-sized episode. Coming to you from the new Cafe Con Leche space (formally Quiet Storm), Tara updates us on all of

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Episode 40: Writing the Book of Brunch with JJ Hensley

We return to Regent Square for a engaging talk with author JJ Hensley. JJ shares his experiences in the publishing industry and his insights into writing, including the importance of developing a voice, the business of eBooks, and what makes

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