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Episode 26: Coffee and Comedy Fests with Brian Gray

We’re talking comedy in the Strip again, this time with Brian Gray, Director of the brand new Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. We talk-in depth about the city’s burgeoning comedy scene and why it’s high time for us to have our own

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Episode 08: Two Girls, A Guy, & A Brunch Place with Mike Peditto & Tamara Siegert

This week we brave the cold and crowds at Square Cafe with Mike Peddito and Tamara Siegert from the improv team Midseason Replacements in prep for their 1 year anniversary. Mike expresses his love for bad sitcoms, Mary wonders why

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Episode 05: Waffles & Why No One Likes Monopoly with Jasmine Davis & Pete Butler

Today we’re dining alfresco at Kaya with writers/game designers/improve stars Jasmine Davis and Pete Butler. We go into the process of designing the next great board game, the tech scene in Iowa, and the fascinating story of how Pete and

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Episode 04: Eggs Benedict & Omlettes with comedians Krish Mohan, Derek Minto, & Ray Zawodni

We return to the strip for a unrestrained and hilarious conversation with local comedians Derek Minto, Krish Mohan, and Ray Zawodni. What does it take to get started in stand-up? Who are the most annoying audience members? And will Mary

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Episode 01: Salmon Benedict & Shrimp w/ Karen Forney

In our inaugural episode, we visit the Strip District for a lively discussion with local performer Karen Forney about improv, stand-up, and Pittsburgh’s growing comedy scene. Plus: the ethics of eating oysters, the practices of Australian Buddhists, and what makes

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