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Episodes 45: The League of Extraordinary Women Brunchers with Devious Maid

We’re exited to kick off the new year by returning to Park Bruges with the team from Devious Maid Productions – Abby Lis-Perlis and returning guest Ayne Terceira. They give us the skinny on their new production, Eldritch’s Asylum, and their mission of

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Episode 27: Blocking, Jamming, and Brunching with The Kracken and EradiKate

Strap on your skates and head to Highland Park to meet with Janessa “The Kracken” Kent and Kate Miller AKA EradiKate of Steel City Roller Derby. We get into the nitty gritty of roller derby – how the game really

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Episode 06: In (Park) Bruges with Megan Dietz & Debbie Hardin

Today we hit up Park Bruges in Highland Park for an inspiring talk with Writer Megan Dietz and acupuncturist Debbie Hardin. Things get deep as the three of us talk about what makes for healthy relationships and how to live

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