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Episode 34: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh with Ayne Terceira

We’re back on the Pittsburgh’s “fashionable” Penn Ave for a meal with improv star and interactive performer Ayne Terceira. We unravel the secrets of her upcoming show, Her Things, and discuss the process of interactive theater, collaboration with artists, and

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Episode 33: Brunch Power Hour with Ali Spagnola

We’re in Shadyside for a session with musician Ali Spagnola, the self-described “Drinking Composer with a Music Problem.” We talk about the creation of her Power Hour Drinking Game album, her rise to “internet stardom”, and the legal difficulties that

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Episode 29: Cookin’ Up Characters with James Jamison

We’re serving up a home-cooked meal in this very special episode recorded live from Mary’s own kitchen, featuring characters from James Jamison’s Character Box. We talk with Beatrice, a Minnesotan housewife with tips on the finer points of mall walking

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Episode 26: Coffee and Comedy Fests with Brian Gray

We’re talking comedy in the Strip again, this time with Brian Gray, Director of the brand new Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. We talk-in depth about the city’s burgeoning comedy scene and why it’s high time for us to have our own

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Episode 08: Two Girls, A Guy, & A Brunch Place with Mike Peditto & Tamara Siegert

This week we brave the cold and crowds at Square Cafe with Mike Peddito and Tamara Siegert from the improv team Midseason Replacements in prep for their 1 year anniversary. Mike expresses his love for bad sitcoms, Mary wonders why

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