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Episode 42: Stories from the City with AP Collector

We’re in Upper Lawrenceville trading stories with blogger and podcaster Genevieve Barbee, aka the AP Collector. She shares her journey into the world of story collection and why it’s important to at this point in Pittsburgh’s history. Also: breaking off

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Episode 39: Girls Just Wanna Have Brunch with Heather Mediate

We’re in Lawrenceville for Restaurant Week with Heather Mediate, Program Director for the Girls Coalition of Southwest Pennsylvania. We get into the role of women’s advocacy organizations in Pittsburgh, and how they are opening countless new opportunities for young women

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Episode 35: Brunch and a Movie with Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project

We’re dropping the episode a bit early this week for a venture into Lower Lawrenceville with Kahmeela and Dan from the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. We delve into the difficult and rewarding process of making a short film in

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Episode 23: Creating Community with Cafe Con Leche

We’re in Lawrenceville for engrossing conversation and epic waffles with artist and culinary entrepreneur Tara Sherry-Torres of Cafe Con Leche. We discuss a wide array of topics related to cultural identity and community building, including cuisine as an expression of

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Epiosde 22: Inclined to be Irish with Quelcy Kogel

We’re in Lawrenceville for a hearty St Patrick’s Day brunch with Quelcy Kogel of With the Grains. Topics include the ethics and evolution of Pittsburgh’s food scene, hosting live events as an artistic outlet, and how we’re working to improve

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