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Episode 42: Stories from the City with AP Collector

We’re in Upper Lawrenceville trading stories with blogger and podcaster Genevieve Barbee, aka the AP Collector. She shares her journey into the world of story collection and why it’s important to at this point in Pittsburgh’s history. Also: breaking off

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We’re looking for guests!

Like what you see and hear on our show? Like brunch? We’d love to meet you, hear from you, see your tweets, emails, and comments. If you have a project you’d like to come on the show and talk about,

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Episode Launch!

We at Brunchburgh have been happily chugging along recording new episodes in brunch places, booking more guests, and planning for the future. We have been working through some of the realities of what it really means to record 100% mobile

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We’ve started recording!

So exciting news- we’ve started recording. Right now we’re going to stockpile a few episodes so that when we release them we can have a static release day of Sundays at brunch o’clock (around 11am) If you are interested in

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We are looking for guests!

We are going to start podcasting about brunch, our exact liftoff date is still uncertain but if you are interested in being on the show, we’d definitely consider you. We are looking for people who are: Pittsburgh based Interesting background

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