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Episode 37: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Brunch with Woody Drennan and Derek Minto

We’re down in Lawrenceville talking all-things comedy with Woody Drennan and Derek Minto, Program Directors for the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. We get into the growing state of comedy in Pittsburgh, why this is the perfect time for this festival, and

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Episode 26: Coffee and Comedy Fests with Brian Gray

We’re talking comedy in the Strip again, this time with Brian Gray, Director of the brand new Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. We talk-in depth about the city’s burgeoning comedy scene and why it’s high time for us to have our own

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Episode 04: Eggs Benedict & Omlettes with comedians Krish Mohan, Derek Minto, & Ray Zawodni

We return to the strip for a unrestrained and hilarious conversation with local comedians Derek Minto, Krish Mohan, and Ray Zawodni. What does it take to get started in stand-up? Who are the most annoying audience members? And will Mary

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