The Team

Mary Stewart – @maryestew
Producer, Host, Brunch Addict
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Mary works as a Project Manager, but really loves to help people make things happen. She loves juggling tasks in different backgrounds: video, audio, art, comedy, improvisation, technical, theatrical. She loves Pittsburgh and truly believes Pittsburgh is an excellent place to live. She loves brunch and fostering lasting relationships over informative brunch conversations. She loves to help non-profits or people with great ideas just looking to get started. She is interested in nearly everything, especially if bacon can be involved.

Alex Murphy – @alexcmurphy
Audio Engineer, Advisor, Bacon-o-holic
Alex just recently moved to Pittsburgh Feb 2014. Alex is a talented audio and video production engineer. Whether it’s capturing audio or video, or editing them together into seamless memorable moments, Alex is ready for the challenge. Alex loves film, going to live music events, social media, and of course, bacon. Need an A/V guy? Check out his LinkedIn.

You?!- yes you reading this page! Future Brunch-keteer!
We’re looking for a couple extra brunch hands to help us schedule things and possibly someone who knows word press a lot. If you are interested in helping us out, check out the contact us page and get in contact. We can’t pay you, but we promise you’ll have brunch dates on Saturdays and Sundays. And what could be better than coffee and conversation with your new friends?

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