We’ve started recording!

So exciting news- we’ve started recording. Right now we’re going to stockpile a few episodes so that when we release them we can have a static release day of Sundays at brunch o’clock (around 11am)

If you are interested in being on the show all we need is an email telling us about you and why we should interview you – if you know someone you’d like to be on the show, send us their contact info and we will try to convince them with tales of spicy bloody marys and eggs benedict with thick lemony hollandaise sauce. What more do people really want in life? 

We are looking for makers, startups, comics, actors, theater companies, museum curators, baristas with a passion for great coffee, bartenders who make the best damn craft cocktail in town, home brewers, entrepreneurs, and people who are awesome. If you can imagine being on the show eating brunch and talking about your ‘thing’ whatever it is- then we would probably like to have you. Email away.

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